Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mack Has Fancy Cats


I was once in possession of a small and fancy frame that I acquired at a garage sale.  I made a painting for my then boyfriend that fit in the frame and gave it to him, it was the first gift I ever gave him.  When he left I saw him throwing the whole thing away and recovered the frame, throwing the little painting disdainfully into the trash with the rest of the things for which he had so little regard.  I held onto it, waiting for the moment at which it would be appropriate to use it again.  My partner at work is an older guy named Mack who has the very best stories.  Some of them are about his cats and he tells them with flair and enthusiasm.  I asked him for photos of the cats sometime ago and meant this to be a christmas gift.  Alas, two of his cats are rather fancy and having re-posed them in my sketch, I only just got the piece to a point where I like it and all the cats resemble themselves.  :] He seemed very happy with it.  Drawing and photo of it in it's little frame in full-post.

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